You’ll experience true freedom when you learn how to mentor employees, cultivate authentic connections, and create strategies that will set your business up to go bigger!

Your current circumstances don’t define you as a leader. You can become the leader your business needs to grow and thrive. You can create a team to help expand your business, increase productivity, and maximize profits!

"What happened to me?"

The Alycia I knew had it together. She was vivacious, passionate, and knew that her life was full of possibilities. The Alycia from years ago knew what she wanted and made things happen, almost effortlessly. This was a woman who co-founded and started a biotechnology business from the ground up! Then the economy crashed and the Recession hit, and I found myself struggling to stay afloat. I was overstressed. I wasn’t caring for myself. I was trying to hold a business together. I was scared about the future. The old Alycia was not impressed with the Alycia I had become, and it was time to make a change, starting with my business.

“How did this happen?”

I immediately thought of my mother, whose high-powered, high-stress position took a toll on her, leading to cancer which eventually took her life. I didn’t want the same fate. I needed to pull my business up and lead with my heart. I needed to stop managing the crisis and start leading my team back to success. This realization was far deeper than anything I ever experienced. I knew I had to make changes because I didn’t want to go through the financial struggles or suffer through debt that I saw other entrepreneurs go through.

Just as important, I cared about my company! I put my time, my heart, and my mind into this business - there was no way I was letting it go without a fight.

It was time to transform my leadership into a way that was authentic to my strengths while rebuilding my team to support the success of the business.

I stopped managing my team members and began mentoring them - I wanted to show them the future of the company and where they could fit into it. This helped me to ease the load on my own shoulders while creating a leadership pipeline to keep the business secure and stable.


I began diving deeper into partnerships with vendors and subcontractors, making sure I understood how each working relationship affected my business, from getting the best products to negotiating my costs.


I increased profits and turned my business into a multi-million dollar establishment.

While I loved owning my business, I felt called to help others create their own thriving businesses. This choice led to the sale of our multi-million dollar business, and allowed me the opportunity to take what I learned as an entrepreneur and CEO, to help others to make leaps and bounds in their own leadership role.

It was with that decision that my company name came through with a strong whisper, “LeadHERship Adventures”. The time had come for me to LEAD and captain my own SHIP, no more living beneath my true potential.

Building Business - Successful Entrepreneur and CEO of Multimillion Dollar Business

Now, I work with executives and leaders who want to elevate their skills and create a team that thrives! Instead of managing their people, I show them how to mentor with language of neuroscience. Empowering leaders to better assess where gaps are, and the ability to have a meaningful and high level dialogue of resolution.

You’re ready to transform your business for growth, better strategies for seamless operations, scalability, and how you lead.

I know what it’s like to reach the end of your rope. Where you feel powerless, out of control, and no longer the vibrant person you remember yourself being. When you’re so unapproachable, others don't want to be around you. When you can care less about how others perceive you, where you begin to project and say it's them, not you. When you’re so deep under water, you don’t remember what breathing feels like. Even if you feel like you have tried everything, I can assure you that you haven’t.

You have choices in life, and playing victim is not one of them.
And I can help you get (to your next level.)

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