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My mission is to connect the heart and mind of leaders and guide them to and through, their unique path of infinite possibilities.

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Operating in your authenticity,

will instill a sense of trustworthiness, loyalty,

expand your influence and impact

and contribute to how you show up as a leader.

When you suppress who you are to be liked, or behave in a manner in which you believe you’re supposed to in order to gain respect from your peers, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. Your prefrontal cortex also call the  “CEO” of your brain actually must work harder to suppress who you are, blocking crucial mental pathways resulting in the impediment of your creativity, ability to connect, inspire, excel, and lead.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of bringing Alycia in to speak at several women’s conferences. Her exceedingly well crafted and expertly delivered message resonates with all attendees as is well evidenced by the throngs of people who rush the stage and wait in line to chat with her. Having been afflicted with the dreaded workaholic and high stress infection for many years, her message strikes a particular chord with me as it is delivered with warmth, humor and, most importantly backed up by science. Alycia provides the brain science insights and couples it beautifully with actionable take-aways that are realistic and digestible. Alycia is an amazing leader and an inspiring speaker and coach.

Wendy Howell Chief of Staff - Services Product Management - Cisco

Your brilliance is unlocked as you embrace your purpose, follow your calling, connect heart and mind to quantum leap your leadership and expand your impact.

Case Study

The accountability coaching with Alycia has helped me to implement practices that I always knew I should be doing, but didn’t make time for because I had created a priority excuse of “just not having enough time.” I had forgotten the power of speaking daily affirmations aloud, and I would rush off to my workday like most people, slightly frazzled! Alycia made time during consultations to allow me to talk about various parts of my life and observed what practices I could implement immediately to help me achieve more balance and centeredness. Alycia shared invaluable material and personalized affirmations that I could use to support my goals for my life.

The enthusiasm Alycia brings into each session is contagiously inspiring. I feel blessed to have her belief in me, her true knowing that I can create the lasting change, which I was seeking for myself.

Christina W.
Christina W. Joyous Living and Developments, LLC

Live with intention, connect what’s on your heart, take full ownership of your path and align with your mind; flourish in connections, optimal scalability, and open up to opportunities.

Who’s YOU in your team? So you can step out and into what’s next for you and your business/ career?


You are drowning in the minutia in your work, you need help to scale up your business. No matter what you do, there’s always something—more demands, more work, more people to tend to. You can only stretch yourself so far before you can feel yourself breaking. ...let alone grow..


Your To-Dos are never ending, and it seems like you’re spinning your wheels. All you want is for clones of yourself at work so you can somehow catch your breath, and take your business/ career to new heights. Where you want to go.


It’s chaotic, stressful, moreover painful from being held back. Because you know in your heart you are meant to create bigger. But, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

You are the LEADER of your life. You’re designed with inner strength and resilience. But too often, you give your power away and lose yourself—to the demands, perceptions, and expectations of others.

Whether it is to be an understanding leader, effective leader, servant leader, often we are told what you “should be,” and rarely allowed to discover what type of leader you  truly are. Even with your innate power, your life experiences, traumas, and upbringing have taught you to be fearful. Out of fear, you seek respect and acceptance from everyone else outside of yourself.

You must identify expectations, and then be able to communicate those expectations consistently and succinctly in order to empower the leadership of your team.

If you’re ready to experience the shift,

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