The Surprising Link Between Mental Load and Creativity

The Surprising Link Between Mental Load and Creativity   Would you believe that being idle could make you more interesting? A recent study suggests that mental clutter stifles creativity while unburdening your mind encourages originality. Researchers at an Israeli university looked at what happens when your minds occupied with stray thoughts and nagging concerns. Subjects…

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6 Surprising Benefits Of Stress – Is It All Bad News?

6 surprising benefits of stress

6 Surprising Benefits of Stress I’ll be amazed if the following 6 surprising benefits of stress don’t have you thinking “I didn’t know that!” In today’s world, we are not going to be able to live completely ‘stress free’. As leaders in our personal and professional lives, it is inventible that we will encounter challenges.…

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The Real Deal about Media Multitasking

multi tasking

The Real Deal about Media Multitasking: (Spoiler Alert) Your Brain is NOT HappyIf you want to hold onto your brain cells, you may need to change your media habits. Focusing on one task at a time is good for your health.That’s the lesson from a recent university study that found that using multiple devices at…

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Too busy to sleep? You may want to rethink your stance

too busy to sleep by alycia huston

The “fight or flight” syndrome – you’ve heard of it, right? Accompanied with the image of the saber-toothed tiger dashing after a hunter, getting ready to attack. You often get into this situation, don’t you? In modern times, we’re not literally in that frantic position, but our bodies are often reacting as if we were…

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How to Meditate for the Busy Person

We live in a very busy and noisy world.  There is no doubt that times of frustration, stress and irritation will rear its head in our lives.  Chances are, you’ve heard about the positives of meditations (especially if you’ve been with me for a while), but maybe you don’t really know where or how to begin.…

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