“The Struggle is Real: A Case Study”

Prior to my journey with Alycia, it was very difficult for me to focus on the things that made me happy. I centered 95% of my time and energy around my kids, husband, work and other people. It was important that things were handled in a certain way which ensures the happiness of my family and those I cared about. What I didn’t recognize at the time, was the lack of attention I was giving myself. I took a long look in the mirror and had the opposite effect of change. What I saw in the mirror was not me. I became depressed, stressed, and angry at myself. I gain weight, started to lose my hair and felt unattractive. I found it hard to work with others and my marriage was spiraling out of control. I was a time bomb waiting to explode. During this rough time I knew I needed help. This was hard for me to seek. I had to keep it together for my family, and for those who depended on me. It was tragic because no one seemed to notice my suffering and pain. I was venturing into a dark place, looking for the light. When I realized that I was allowing these painful events to occur in my life, I also lost control over the things I could control. I needed help from someone who could understand my struggles. I was determining not to become a victim of my own self doing.

My Journey began when I signed up for Alycia’s annual event, Transcend.

This is where I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I was surrounded by women from different backgrounds, different struggles and quickly discovered that each woman was just like me, and I was just like them. We all had a story to tell. I felt that I was a part of something magical and inspiring. What I was feeling was a sense of belonging. Through this event I was taught serenity and prosperity amongst many other lessons, these were qualities I lacked knowledge in. I was scared to go on this spirituality journey, not knowing where it was going to lead. When I left this event I was a believer that I could be more than just a mother, wife and a doer for others, I had a bigger purpose that I needed to discover. I was ready for change and welcomed any challenges that came at me. I felt equipped to handle those challenges from a different perspective. Courage took place after receiving the message. I began to feel the strength in my heart as it fluttered with joy, knowing that I was doing this for me. It only cost me my effort to accept the knowledge that was given.

I started noticing changes as I practiced what I had learned. My daily routines, my kids, husband and other people started to change as well. I was amazed to discover how re-aligning my focus would change my whole environment. I was able to turn the table around and invest 90% more of my time into me and 10% for everything else to include my most precious gifts, my children. In return everyone was winning in this situation.

As I continued my journey of learning and developing myself love, seeking more guidance was the journey, I was determine to love me just a little bit more. I attended another one of Alycia’s events called Magnetizing, Glow and Flow; here I learned how to receive and accept the result that I was seeking and how to let it flow.

Controlling everything was an issue for me, not knowing how to receive was a problem, and how it made me feel, affected my glow. I knew I was in the right place to receive the message that was intended for me. This journey is real and it takes a lot of self-work.


Without the tools and guidance Alycia provided, I would still be stuck in the dark.

I have achieved things that I felt were unattainable. I was able to focus and complete my Masters degree, new doors continue to open in my career; and I personally feel I’m better equipped to receive and give without sacrifice to self.

 Alycia has always been a beam of light, providing direction, healing and love to those who seek it. If I could give one word to describe her it would be Genuine.

Thank you Alycia for providing me with the tools to be successful along my journey.

United States Navy